moving sequenced cards in seahaven towers

I have been playing seahaven towers for quite a while, and I still don't understand why I can move groups of sequenced cards sometimes, and not be able to move them at other times. It would help if there was a section explaining the rule for all the games. But especially the afore mentioned game. For example at the beginning I cannot always move sequenced cards, but near the end it seems as if I can move any number of sequenced cards, what gives?



    The rule in Sea Haven Towers (and Free Cell) is that you can only ever move one card at a time. And you can always move one card. In order to move a two card stack you need one free cell to put the top card in while you move the bottom card, then you can put the former top card back once you place the bottom card. We optimize this for you, of course, but all dragging pile rules can be explained by just generalizing the above.

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