Strange screen resolution on PC

Game: scorpion
Game #: 912626185
Browser: Chrome
Window: 1087x535 ?????????
JS-Version: 2021-04-28_22:34:36_-0700_97c1564770f37d6768349f5472f2b772ca0bd30b

Please describe the problem in as much detail as possible:

Hi !
I have been playing on Greenfelt for a few years, and I like your site very much. Recently (2 weeks maybe) I've had to use my mouse to zoom in, to be able to see the cards. They had shrunk to approximately 1cm X 1,5 cm. Hardly visible. What is surprising is that their size changes when you swap to another game...I hoped it would get soon right as before, which didn't happen. I use a laptop by ACER (Aspire 3). The graphic card is GeForce MX230, Windows 10 Home, None of my other acticivities on this laptop showed the same problem. It is only when I use Greenfelt. Can you help me understand this problem and help to fix it ?
THANK you in advance !!! And thanks again for this very attractive site !


  • Sorry, I read another post 2 minutes ago, and realized I could fix the problem myself, by changing "Deck size". Sorry, I could have read it before !!!!


    If you would, set the size back to automatic and take a screen shot and upload it. That might help us understand the problem.

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