Why have you added several player listings beyond the normal top 10. Why total players so few?

Game: klondike
Game #: 2102841367
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  • Why to these 2 questions. In game results, you have added several more player score listings beyond the normal top 10. Also in the game results, why have the total number of players become so few in number. I'm used to seeing much higher numbers normally in the hundreds and sometimes, in the thousands. Is this a glitch on your part or unwise changes you have made? Please return to normal as I feel as I am now playing a completely faulty game with no accuracy. This problems for me just started 2 days ago kirchjo@centurytel.net

  • I can answer the second question. As there are a billion of each game on this site, and as Greenfelt has only been around for twelve years or so, it's completely normal that if you keep playing game after game of the same game name, you'll quickly get games which only a few other people have played then get games that no one has played before. So, playing a game with only a few people have played is neither a glitch on anyone's part or due to unwise changes the guys that run this site have made.

    You can play every game starting at 1, if you want, by clicking on the yellow game number of any game. (To the right of the orange Game Of The Day button.) Enter any number from 1 to 999999999 then click Enter (on your keyboard) to play that game.

    edited April 2021

    And this is @jim GreenFelt Guy's reply to the same question someone else asked, earlier...

    "We haven’t had a change in the number of people playing, however we have corrected the way the score is reported. The main issue is people who play anonymously (i.e. without logging in). And most people play anonymously. The anonymous games don’t show up in the high score table (unless it’s the game that just finished). We used to report your place among the people who log in vs the number of people who played even if they weren’t logged in. This was inconsistent and compared apples to oranges. Now we’re only reporting your place with respect to people who are logged in. This does mean the denominator is smaller, but the resulting increase in your percentage is real." https://forum.greenfelt.net/discussion/comment/23684/#Comment_23684

  • As far as the added scores, people asked for it and David & Jim delivered. That way you can see the two scores directly ahead of you and the two after you even when you're not in the top ten.

  • and we applaud @David and @Jim for so doing

  • Thanks to all of you for keeping such a fun game as free cell going.

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