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Game: klondike
Game #: 2112815060

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How does someone make a 127 clicks in 38 seconds? Are there robots playing this game?


  • Hello MommaT.Yes,you'r right,there are robots playing these games.Have you received you'rs yet?Enjoy your game

  • jabbajabba REGISTERED
    edited March 1

    Go to the FAQ's and there are videos that explain how it is possible

  • Hi @graeme, I taught my robot how to cook and clean. He gets to play the games after his chores are done. Is that what you're doing?

  • Hello barzonymous.I taught it to play Klondike but it hasn't done a very good job lately.Chris does the cooking,I wash the dishes and'help' with the cleaning.Treacle makes the mess.Take care.

  • Top of the evening to you graeme (or do y'all just say top of the morning). I don't think you need robots, I've seen you in the top 10 a lot lately as well as #1 and I feel pretty sure you help out your wife quite a bit. Hope all is well.

  • Hello binky3.Made a delicate adjustment to my robot yesterday with my hammer.It worked,but rubbish today.Win,lose,move on,play on.Tomorrow is another day,another game.Keep safe my friend.All well here.

  • @graeme
    Hello from West Vancouver, B.C., Canada. I like to see all of the chatter going on here as it makes my day. It looks like you destroyed your robot. I hope you can get another one to replace the one you beat senseless.

  • Beep?

  • Hello cdmusic/firepit19.I think I'll dispense with the robot,you can't depend on them for good results.I'll just have to use what's left of my brain.However,I could train up Treacle.......on second thoughts.Take care.

  • I should probably consider a more current laptop. Don't think this one has been invaded yet which I think would be quite helpful. Take care to all old friends as well as all the new ones.....binky

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