Golf Solitaire final turns

I'm 77, and my reflexes aren't what they once were. I realize that whatever score I get will be bettered by a younger person with faster reflexes. That's fine. It's within the spirit of the game.
Sometimes the game turns over a new card or several cards while I'm planning my moves. I undo, and go on. It messes with my time, but that's fine, too.
What ISN'T fine is when the game turns over the last four or five cards, prevents me from undoing, and gives me a score that would have been higher, if I had had the opportunity to use those four or five cards.



  • Hang in there; you are at the mercy of how the cards fall in this Golf game, but every once in awhile you finish first (or third) and you feel like Queen for a day. Good luck


    Hi @farnwife,

    Thanks for your report and for remaining calm and reasonable in the face of frustration. I dislike games that finish on their own without confirmation. I tried to reproduce the situation you described. I couldn’t get Golf to turn over cards from the stock automatically, I.e, without me clicking on the stock pile. Could you, or anyone else experiencing something similar, give more detail about the game turning over more than one card at a time. What kind of device are you playing on?


  • Hi @farmwife the problem with Golf is that we don’t know what the last card is until we turn it over. If the final card doesn’t match any sequence on the tableau then the game is over and the card display automatically closes to show the scoreboard. When this happens the final card cannot be undone.
    If your playing strategy is to flip over the cards to see what’s coming up and then undo those cards back to the pile before deciding which sequence you want to play you will have to be careful that you don’t flip over the final card because if there is no sequence available then the game is over before you can double back with the undo button.
    The only way around this that I can think of is either to count the cards as you flip them over so you know when the last one is coming up and avoid checking it out before you’ve played the other cards or look very closely at the edges of the pile of cards to see if just the last one remains.
    Good luck!

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