daily change the game of the day

Game: scorpion
Game #: 1490508988

What would you like to see?


  • Jim already answered that question a few days ago, so why ask it again? It does change daily, just maybe not at the time you want b/c of time zones. Did you not read his answer? Or maybe we're not understanding the question.

    Note to self: stop writing responses to people who won't read them.

  • That's my New Year resolution.

  • If you go to their activity page you'll see that they joined in March of 2019 and they've only been on the site four times. They might not have learned the ins and outs yet so in this instance I think I give him a pass.

  • And yet they knew how to find and use the forum to post two identical messages. It's hard to give a pass. It's like knowing how to place a phone call but not knowing how to listen to the person on the other end. I suppose it's possible (<--very reluctant pass).

  • Your scenario sounds a lot like my Mom.
    Thx for the benefit of the doubt.

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