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This game does not seem to want to work the way a solitaire game should. There is too much back spacing on the draw pile before a new card surfaces and it does NOT always want to go where it is supposed to go. Sometimes when I click on a card to go to the respective column, it does so but it also shows in the discard pile. Too much back and forth to get the game to progress.


  • I didn't have any problem with it. Worked same as always. Lots of others have played it today. Maybe you have a bad Internet connection??


    Hi @slwjkw,

    Green felt has very powerful controls, but it requires that you don’t accidentally “right click” when you mean to “left click” or “two finger tap” when you mean to “one finger tap”. These actions have different meanings. In particular “two finger tap” and “right click” mean undo. Because of this you have very quick access to undo, but it also means an errant finger can lead to accidental undos. Try paying attention to your fingers while paying and let us know if you still have problems. By clicking the “Game Rules” you can find more information about some of the other controls, like “Super Moves” and our keyboard controls”

    Have fun,

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