Help I cannot remember my password

Somehow my greenfelt account password was deleted. I tried to contact Jim, but was unable to find his contact that I read was available at the bottom of my screen. I use an Android phone. I finally have registered with a new name, but would gladly delete it if I could reach my old account. I am computer challenged. So I need lots of explanation. Please help.
Formerly gmaterre


  • Try this:

    If you click on your name, in the upper right corner, of the main Green Felt page, or any game page, you will have the option to go to Account Settings (where you can change your user name and password) or Log Out.

  • But doesn't this person want their old account name/password? Not a new one, which they've already managed to do. Not sure why they want their old account though unless it's for conversation history.

  • He just wants his old name... He can have any name he wants.

  • Went there, but I need my old password. I don't know it. But thanks for trying to help.


    Click on my name, @jim, and send me a message with the name you want to recover and the new password you want.

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