Thank you firefighters!

I want to thank all the firefighters that are working so hard for our lives and homes. They put themselves at great risk, going in to danger as so many evacuate. Our air quality is the worst in the world right now and still they are out there. God bless them all.


  • I second that sentiment as well. Everyone should stay safe until the fire passes and hopefully it will sometime soon.

  • My love and appreciation, as well, goes out to all firefighters. They put their lives in danger on every call they go to. My late brother was a firefighter and retired a Captain. He had a few disabilities to show for it but that was his passion.

  • America's finest in action! God bless you all! Many thanks to all of you!

  • I am in Oregon and have been evacuated twice. Am home now. we have been downgraded to Level 2; smoke and fog very thick. Fires near us are still not contained, we are hoping for rain Monday night. 2020 can't end too soon for me. Staying in, if you step out you start coughing. You all stay safe,

  • Of course prayers go to all of you and thx from a longtime fan of firefighters but a big double middle finger to the #idiots# who started one of those fires with a gender reveal party. I hope you have to attend every funeral.

  • Sorry if that was harsh

  • I don't think it was too harsh at all. So many people act like they don't have one bit of common sense or any kind of brain cell. A lot of these stupid and fatal things happening could be prevented with just some good old fashioned love and kindness....(if only our leader would take a lot of advice from the Man upstairs.)

  • For our friends in the Pacific northwest.

  • Thanks doggy, that was a good choice. My thoughts and prayers go out to all involved as well as our neighbors in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach and surrounding areas.

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