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How about the Admins of Green Felt Solitaire do their actual jobs and ban all the players who have to cheat? IE: Post a time of 23 seconds, or some other such low time. Play fair or don't play at all...


  • @Dreamwaiver1 please look under FAQs regarding fast playing times. Players are not cheating. They are exceptionally fast, playing on touch screens, and may have "rehearsed" their moves pre-actual online play. This has been documented numerous times.

  • You might try scoring for moves rather than speed and then the above wouldn't be an issue.

  • @Dreamwaiver1 I think it's a bit impolite of you to demand that "the Admins of Green Felt Solitaire do their actual jobs and ban all the players who have to cheat". David and Jim, who own the site both have full time day jobs and provide the site free out of the goodness of their hearts. As has been noted many times on the forum, the players with fast times aren't cheating, they have just learned how to play fast through various means. Please note that I'm not one of the fast players--I play for my own enjoyment and don't really care about other people's times and scores. You might want to follow @sierrarose and @Fireweed's suggestions if you're really bothered by other people's fast times.

  • in case u sprained ur ankle jumpin to those conclusions, dreamwaiver, the first aid station is down the hall, first door on ur left 🤪

  • So tired of entitled souls who demand that others bend to their will. Get over it! This is a place for relaxation. Nazi Germany was last century.

  • @Dreamwaiver1 posted a similar complaint a year ago. May be better if no further comment.

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