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Win %, average times, average moves for each solitaire game. And the all time statistical leaders in each category on an all time leaderboard. And players can choose to make their (non-leaderboard) averages public or not.


  • Well, maybe all of this information is already available...I don't know because I'm certainly not an expert on this site. But, if it's not....this sure seems like a lot to ask from a free site.


    It's not really there. I've teased it before. Man that was 3 years ago. Someday I'll actually complete it :smile:.

  • David, man, take a break! :)

  • Why? It's just a game. It's not a competition. If you're wanting to see how much you, you self are improving, you could use your own skills to keep track of your own stats. As @justhere remarked, let's give David & Jim a break.

  • Why? I think the answer is simple. David and Jim have given us a "request a feature" category. If they don't want these types of inquiries they could just delete it.

    While I don't consider this any type of competition I do admit at the end of a game I do compare my scores to others especially if it is someone that I have been seeing on the scoreboard for sometime. It helps to let me know if I am improving or not. I have been playing Scorpion for a long time and have seen a few names that have shown up rather frequently during that time. I admit...I get a little bit of a high when I finally have a higher score than they do. However I dislike playing the GOTD...I never do well. Am I being competitive...IDK...I never play a game multiple times to see if I can beat others.

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