Green Felt

why does green felt keep interrupting my games???????????????????????????????????????????


  • I absolutely cannot answer your question, but, just out of curiosity, how is Greenfelt interrupting your games?

  • My cat keeps interrupting my games. But I've had no problems with green felt.

  • Advertising!! NO, WAIT WAIT - Greenfelt doesn't have advertising! POP UPS! NO WAY MAN! My 'puter don't
    POP never mind UP. UFO's - AH! Now we're talkin'.

  • Ptownpapa, how come you're getting UFOs and I'm not? I've kept my dues up to date. I play fair and peaceful here on greenfelt. All in all I've been a good little grandma. 🙄 Well, mostly. I want UFOs, too.

  • I live in a rental. I would have no place to park a UFO.

  • No need to park UFO. They just hover around. Y'all are having too much fun. This is such a wonderful site. Thanks to David and Jim and all of the people who contribute their comments and advice. The complainers - some people just cannot help themselves. Stay well, stay safe.

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