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Game: freecell
Game #: 127557528

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Is there a way to "center" the game on the screen? I have a large screen and the game is on the left and it leaves a lot of green on the right. Is there a way to center it?


  • You could make the cards larger... In the upper left hand corner, of a game screen, you'll see: "Games Size Deck Contact Us FAQ Leader Board". Click Size and then the size of cards you want.

  • People playing on a 20" screen probably don't see the problem at all and I play a lot of games so it isn't a major problem. However, I am using a 46" screen and it leaves a lot of space on the right side of the screen. I play other games and they center the game in the middle of the screen. It would just be nice if there was equal green on each side of the game. Resizing the cards doesn't change the location on the left side of the screen. Thanks for considering.

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