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At the end of every FreeCell game I play a listing of games played by registered users appears with #of moves, scores, and amount of time needed to win. It appears that the top players always show up as having won with 52 as the score, varied number of moves, but for example from today, 92 moves and scores as low as 7s. I'm interpreting this info to mean in 92 moves and 7 seconds a player was able to solve the puzzle. This seems completely impossible. Where have I gone wrong? LOL


  • Okay, I've now had a chance to read a few other posts that more or less mirror my question/disbelief. Has anyone posted a YouTube video of one of these super-players winning a FreeCell game in less than 30 seconds? THAT would be incredible to watch!

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    edited June 2019

    There have been many such posted. @DeusExMachina is one frequent sub-10-sec. winner. Part of the secret is the use of a tablet with multi-touch screen, not a mouse.

  • Often seen in the Game of the Day. It is easy to bring up the Game of the Day playing as anonymous so that it can be played multiple times and the solution memorized, then use your real ID to solve it in a few seconds.

  • Wow! Watching that was awesome! I got a couple of hints out of it to try and increase my speed if I ever want to. I mostly play for moves and to see where I stand by % and position. Sometimes I do get proud of myself! I’ve even taken screenshots of the board to show my kids that I’m not as dumb as they think 😄

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