How do I log in on a different name

Game: fortythieves
Game #: 1002139182

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  • How do I log in on a different name?

  • If you're logged on this site for any game, you're logged on for all games. For a list of games click on the Green Felt logo, at the upper left of any screen. Also, on any game screen, click on Games, in the upper left hand corner, for a list of games. The game names are links... clicking on the name of the game you want will take you to that game.

  • Sage gave a good source of info on name change, but there is another way on the forum page like yours in top right you will see a little icon that looks like a little wheel on toolbar left click the wheel and click on sign out it will automatically take you to a page that you can fill out, as said Sage gave you great help on your query, just giving a hint to you , good Luck , play on!

  • Yes, Gerald's right. If you click on your user name, in the upper right corner, of any game, then click on Account Settings, you'll find where you can change your user name to something else.

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