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Game: klondike
Game #: 1199840934

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Within brackets of # cards played, give one point for the player with fewest moves, next fewest, 2 points and so on. Give the player with the quickest time one point, second quickest 2 points and so on. Compose the standings in order of # cards played in reverse order of total points. This still allows for a tie at any position in the standings. You could achieve #1 with neither fastest time or fewest moves which sounds like a bad thing, But bit by bit the idea could be optimized for competitiveness. You want lots of players achieving nearly the same score. Do it by adjusting weighting factors for the time points and the # cards played points.


  • Interesting. Unfortunately the creation of any more complex method for determining standings is unable to take into account the third variable that would determine who is truly best at playing these games - i.e. the number of times a player attempts each game. To me, the true winner is the player who achieves the best score (whether determined by speed or moves) at the first attempt. Or even with the fewest attempts. It seems there can be no way of taking this variable into account as there are many ways of avoiding having attempts recorded by the system so it is possible to keep trying until a satisfying result is achieved, at which time the player can ensure it is recorded so appears on the leader board. To me this is one of the delights of this system, as one can repeat games (either 'legally' within the score board or by any means outside the board) until the desirable score is achieved, so meeting purely for one's satisfaction, the challenge set by other players. I say keep the scoring as it is, rather than attempting to find any kind of 'true' champion.

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