I canPlaying against other people time and score.

Game: golf
Game #: 50522638

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  • I can't locate the green felt solitaire golf game where I played against other players time and score.

    edited May 18

    Here's the link you can click on: https://greenfelt.net/golf You can also click on the game number that's in your post, above. In case you're looking for Golf, again... In the upper left hand corner, of a game screen, you'll see: "Games, Size, Deck, Contact Us, FAQ, Leader Board". Click Games and Golf is sixth from the bottom, in the left hand column. You can also go to the leader board, scroll down, and click on the (play) link, next to Golf, to play the game of the day.

    To see the scores of others, in any game, click High Scores in the row of buttons above the cards, in that game.

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