At one timeoption to choose level of difficulty desired in Freecell Greenfelt games. I

Game: freecell
Game #: 565484357

What would you like to see?


  • I can not locate my favorite green felt golf game. You can go up or down with the card and time yourself against other players. I don't have the game number.

  • I can honestly say I don't understand the question. I also don't understand the above answer and how it might relate to the question. I think the poster wants to be able to select difficulty levels of Freecell? I think Mtnlady wants help finding the golf game?

    I know this response contributed nothing to the thread, but I'm not sure what the topic is. Anyone can feel free to jump in here...

    edited May 19

    That's alright, @Imposter It's quite possible that the appropriate answer won't make a difference. I answered Mtnlady's question earlier, on her own post. It's also possible that people are confusing this site with another, so they're not getting the features, here, they expect to see. Anyway, have a good evening! Play on...

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