Hopeless: Clicking sometimes disappears the wrong group of blocks

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This is a weird one, but I'm increasingly sure that upon clicking a group of blocks in Hopeless, sometimes a different groups gets vaporized. I've been seeing this for a while, but until recently I chalked it up to either a mis-click on my part (where my mouse crossed the border from the intended block to a neighboring one) or the right block getting removed but yielding unexpected results (like maybe I didn't notice that it was actually connected to a larger group). Recently, though, it's happened a couple times where I'm all but positive that _nothing _changed in the immediate vicinity of the mouse pointer, and meanwhile a big group elsewhere on the board disappeared.
As a software quality engineer by occupation, it's in my genes to hunt for a reproducible case or at least some common thread among occurrences. I'm blasted if I can discern any pattern, rhyme, or reason to it. So I can hardly imagine David and Jim having any idea where to start debugging. (That said, one easy resolution would be to add a Replay option for Hopeless--which I'm already on record as favoring for other reasons...)
Have any other Hopeless hounds run into this?

Before the Pandemic Police arrive on the scene to scold me for calling attention to this issue when a cataclysmic disease is spreading like wildfire, let me state for the record that it's not my intention to imply that this potential bug is as urgent a priority as stemming the Coronavirus tide. (I'd put it somewhere below climate change and above the unabated flood of rapists and murderers with cantaloupe-sized calves across our southern border...)

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