shamrock on card numbers

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  • Well spotted! You go in to the St Patrick’s day draw with the chance to win a crate of Guinness :)

  • I'm finding this harder to handle than the whole card changes at Valentine's, Christmas, etc. But I'm not complaining. I really like the challenge -- it makes me work a little harder to keep the brain functioning! Thanks, David and Jim.

  • I like it. Festive. Not as intrusive as some other holiday cards.

  • I like it too! It acknowledges the festive occasion, which is something that we need to keep doing in these strange and disturbing times, while still allowing people like me to use the cards without immediately reaching for the 'normal cards' button. Thank you!

  • Thank you, David and Jim, for the festive St. Patrick's Day cards. I've enjoyed them immensely. Also, thank you for the site. I have a lot of fun on it. :)

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