Extremely various Klondike games

I've been playing Klondike (1-turn) lately. Not very good at it yet. What mostly happens when I check the scores after completing a game (mostly by giving up): all the top 10 have a score of 52 and I have 13, or 5, or whatever. So I know it's winnable but darned if I can figure out how there were any options I didn't explore.

Like I said, not very good at it yet.

The games that interest me are those that no-one has won (and so may not be winnable), but that show a variety of scores within the top 10. See the attached. In game 2076772581, two people figured out how to get to 12, another person found another path through that resulted in only 11, one 6, one 5, two 3, and four 2. This was all in the top 10. And then there's me with 2 and 1.

What are all those variants that end up with disparate scores?? I played all that I could find in the course of achieving scores of 1 and 2.

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  • I played and got 12. But now people are winning it.

  • Keep playing! RE Klondike, I sometimes forget that you can take things off the top (sorry, i forget what that "top" is called) and use them to make a landing spot for other cards. And/or that it's not always the only choice to put them up there in the first place. The other cards need a chance to be played, moved, revealed, etc.

  • Hello Zudensternen,

    Excuse my poor english, I will try to give you some tips:

    • Sometimes it is not useful to place a king on an empty place. It can be better to wait for another king which will allow you to move a queen... Don't use too quickly the empty places except if you have four empty places, of course.

    • It is not useful to place your small cards on the lower piles (except if you are preparing the move of another small card). It is better to keep them in order to put them directly on the upper piles when possible.

    • Once it is finished (i.e. when you cannot place anything more on the upper piles), please note the cards which are remaining unplaced on the lower piles (see example attached). Here, 9 of clubs and 9 of hearts. Let's consider that you could have gone further if you had not played 9 of spades and 9 of diamonds. In that case, you might have the opportunity to play 9 of clubs and 9 of hearts instead...

    • You can now "replay" the same play keeping in mind that you have to try NOT to play 9 of spades and/or 9 of diamonds. Most of the times, it works and you can finish completely the game!

    I hope this can help but I am not absolutely sure to be clear. Ther are many other tricks which help to win at that game. It is not very easy to explain them so I think you will have to discover them by yourself but it is part of the fun.


  • See attached file

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    @pbrinonàyahoo — thank you! I knew there had to be some techniques I had not yet figured out. That tip about not playing the small cards may be just what I needed. I had already twigged to the one about not necessarily playing kings at first opportunity.

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