Show a players first score not their fastest does not seem to work any more

I happen to have played a game of the day (spider) twice by accident and only realised half way through. Naturally I did it is less moves and faster than the first time. I thought I might as well finish it but was surprised to find my new faster time showed up rather than the earlier one despite having "Show a players first score not their fastest" turned on. No wonder the leader board is full of amazing scores if people can play as many times as they like and have their best score displayed. Normally I do not have time to do this but at Christmas I have more time. I toggled the check box on and off with no effect. I played the earlier game last night (greenwich mean time) but I can assure you it was the identical game, and I was logged in. I guess game of the day begins on West coast time rather than universal time.
I believe not displaying the first score is a bug.
As an aside, should it not be also applied to the number of moves not just the time. Maybe rename it "Show player's first score not their best." (rather than the final word being fastest).


  • It’s working right for me. I tested on Freecell, playing the same game 3 times. The second play was faster than the first, and both scores showed, with the current score outlined in yellow dots. The third play was slower than the first, and the board showed the first and third scores (with the current score outlined with the dots), but the fastest from the second play was gone.

    After 2nd game

    After 3rd game

  • RogerPaulHolmes, clicking "Show a players first score not their fastest" means that only the first time a player gets a particular score in a particular game will be shown. It therefore stops the player repeatedly playing that game to get the SAME score in faster and faster times. It doesn't stop anyone repeatedly playing the same game to get a HIGHER score. So "Show a players first score not their fastest" means "Show a players first time achieving a score, not their fastest time achieving that score" but that is too many words to fit in the space available.

    Note also that it is possible to order the score board by moves rather than time by clicking on 'Moves' at the top of the board.

  • Actually, I have found that whatever my first time is for a certain score, that becomes my recorded time for that score. If I am faster later on that score, it does not over write my original time.

  • Ditto what lasso said.

  • Exactly - you can't get a faster time for the SAME score but you may be able to get a HIGHER score (with either a faster or slower time)

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