Hopeless Easy version

It would be better if greenfelt did not post the numbers of high games so each day would only have current games available. tired of the way it is done now/


    edited December 2019

    I never look at "the numbers of high games" for Hopeless. I play the game of the day and, if I ever want to play another game, I select the number of colours I want to play and click Start Game. So, that's my advice to you: just don't look at them and, perhaps, a nap?

  • This comment was for people like simple Sage. Not I.

  • Good for you! In that case, if you're "tired of the way it is done now", or this site irks you, at all, perhaps you should design and create your own site. Or, perhaps, you could explain your complaint, to be better understood.

  • At least that removes you from the equation

  • There you are... it works for both of us. :)

  • No more following some one elses foot steps is what would be nice and less copy cat action

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