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Game: freecell
Game #: 1811363043

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Please separate the freecell columns from the completed columns. I find myself
making mistakes thinking a border card is in the wrong column.


  • I second that emotion. I have gotten used to counting to 4 for the completed columns; but it takes mental energy away from prosecuting a fast-moving game.

  • Ya, I'll board that train. I am always trying to put the finished cards back in to the mix.

  • I requested separation of the 4 free cells from the completed piles back in January 2018. That motion got a couple of seconds, but nothing ever came of it. I play FreeCell frequently, and I still catch myself thinking that the rightmost freecell card has already been placed in the leftmost completed pile. I can appreciate that this request (separation) poses a non-trivial technical issue. As an alternative, perhaps we could get an optional feature whereby on a game or session basis, the player could select that the free cell cards be presented as slightly smaller, thereby obviating the need to generate additional real estate on the top row while still differentiating the free cell cards. Maybe we could just give the free cell cards an optional different background color hue.

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