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Game: klondike
Game #: 2053569360

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If you're no longer going to CLEAR THE SLATE at a minimum of once per week then there's little point in continuing to play this version. If nothing happens within the next few days, I'm gone - - on to find an alternative!!


    edited December 2019

    What do you mean "CLEAR THE SLATE"? Note: if yours is the only complaint, about this, in the forums, then you are the only one finding this an issue. One player's gripes, for more than a year, about something that's within their capabilities to figure out for themselves, are no reason or for David or Jim to take the time and trouble to change anything, on this site.

    There are a billion games of each kind on his site. So, it's extremely easy to find games you haven't played. You can reach all the Games of the Day, by clicking on the links on the Leader Board. Also, for more games...

    Click on the New Game button (on the left, under the Green Felt logo), of any game. Then click on the High Scores button to see if you've played it before. Keep doing this until you get a game you don't have a score on, because you haven't played it. Or just click it five or six times. You should get a game you haven't played, by then.

    Alternately, click on the yellow game number of any game. (To the right of Auto Finish.) You can enter any number from 1 to 999999999 then click Enter (on your keyboard) to play that game.

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