you can never win

game is so fixed no one can win



    Not sure which game you are talking about, but check the high score tables. In a 1 deck game if you see a 52 then someone won. 104 is a winning score on 2 deck games. Some of the ones like golf and pyramid have lower numbers. Some games are much harder than others (pyramid is a game that's rarely winnable).

    But if you are talking about Freecell, Sea Haven Towers, or Spider then the game is almost assuredly winnable.

    Saying "fixed" implies we are intentionally feeding you impossible games. That is never the case—the games are chosen randomly. If we could tell what is impossible and what isn't, we'd offer a feature to filter out impossible games or give you a choice of difficulty. But we don't have that at all—the games are not "fixed".

  • Also... the people who win games consistently, on this site, have been playing here for months and years. It's practice that has allowed them to win regularly. Practice will increase your skill in anything. You wouldn't expect to start playing tennis, playing backgammon, cutting hair, performing surgery, operating machinery, baking cakes, or anything else that requires knowledge, skill, and practice to perfect, and expect to whiz through, without a hitch, after a couple of hours. Relax, keep playing, and you will start winning...

  • I think that you should apologize to David for your inappropriate comment about games being fixed. This is directed at Pinky345!

  • i'm not saying it aloud and possibly hurting someone's feelings, but i am definitely thinking to myself that someone has a really awesome collection of participation trophies and has never a day in their life actually had to work to get something (even if it's a podunk win on a free card-playing site: you EARNED that win!!! :) )

  • And here when I saw all those names (including mine) under "You beat the game," I thought that meant we had won. Silly me.

    Not every game can be won, but a whole bunch can.

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