Take into account the number of times a game is played?

This is likely to be completely impossible but would there be any way of taking the number of times a player attempts a game into consideration on the Leader Board?

Since players can repeat games many times to get a highest score, I am intrigued to know how much that influences the scores. I play not to get on to the High score table, but to try to get the same score as number 10 on the table. This means I sometimes will play many times - if I end up high on the High Scores list by doing that I feel somewhat guilty. Though I suppose that there would be players who would easily get around the issue by playing anonymously or under different user names until they optimise their strategy. Sigh.

This is turning into a stream of consciousness and before anyone leaps in to responding, I do realise that players have different reasons for playing and all are entitled to play to the limits allowed. I have nothing to say about anyone who gets high scores by playing outside the limits, (assuming some do in fact use bots or whatever and not referring to those who get there by using skill, as has been demonstrated) except why do they bother?

Finally, as always, many thanks to David and Jim - as the younger generation say, you guys rock!

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