Same game repeats often

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Game #: 61150253
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I keep getting the same game repeatedly. It is the one with many 8s and 10s in the far right column and several buried 2s. It is difficult, but I eventually win it. Next time it comes up, I will note the number. There are other games that repeat also. Out of the millions of possible games, I wouldn’t think this would happen.


    edited November 2018

    Repeating games happens to everyone now and again... as you'll find by searching the forum. And there is a technologically computerish explanation for why this happens, but I don't remember it. It's something to do with the program that runs this site gives everyone the same games, of Freecell, or whatever, in a twenty four hour period. So, if you log out of Green Felt, and log back in again, in that twenty four hour period, you get doled out the same games again, because the program doesn't remember that you've played them. (There will be at least a few comments correcting me on this, below, in the next day or so. But, until then...)

    You can reach all the Games of the Day, by clicking on the links in the Leaderboard. Also, for more games...

    Click on the New Game button (on the left, under the Green Felt logo), of any game. Then click on the High Scores button to see if you've played it before. Keep doing this until you get a game you don't have a score on, because you haven't played it. Or just click it five or six times. You should get a game you haven't played, by then.

    Alternately, click on the yellow game number of any game. (To the right of Auto Finish.) You can enter any number from 1 to 999999999 then click Enter (on your keyboard) to play that game.


    The repeating games is problem that is often reported but one that neither Jim nor I can ever reproduce, which makes it very hard to fix. It would be very nice if you could keep track of repeating games that you see, especially if you also tell us how you get to Greenfelt (do you have a bookmark, do a google search every time, or just type in the domain name?). That would be very helpful.

  • @david, the easy one is hopeless. Often get just the full block all one colour as game of the day. Not sure if it is technically repeating as colour often is not the same, but it is the one I notice.

  • Hello David and Jim
    First, thanks for many hours of fun and challenge and especially for an ego boost when I score in the top 1% (yea, I know I’m bragging)
    I am constantly given the same Free cell game to play sometimes even within the same hour. Today one was only a few minutes apart (and no, I didn't replay them. I did worse the 2nd time and was satisfied with a 32 score placing.) I will try the suggestion about searching for last games I played and go with that.
    I play off your app and I love your games especially since they can be scored on moves instead of time. Too many interruptions for (and probably a slow brain :) ) .

  • I'm having the same repeating games problem with Forty Thieves. I seem to remember this being addressed before in terms of cookies, but can't remember whether to add or delete them, or how to do it. Can anyone help?

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