Why I play the same game multiple time

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First I want to say how much I enjoy your site and appreciate it almost every day.

I often will play the game of the day several times (always under the same name) and while I do enjoy seeing my assumed name on the leader board, there are other reasons as well. I do it because it often takes several/many/ an absurd number of attempts for me to beat the game. I am often blown away by the scores that prix gets on Hopeless and often feel hopeless in my attempts to come close the his or her score.
It is a challenge to try to even come close to their score and I think that having a challenge is much of what this site is about.

I think that having the first 'win' score time as the one that gets listed on the Leader Board' is a good compromise. Perhaps for some an additional challenge is seeing their name first on the Leader Board. I guess that means that they have two daily challenges for each game daily -- one to win and another to win fast -- it's a two-fer!

For me, it takes enough enjoyable and exasperating time for the single challenge of beating the game... The Leader Board provides a target and a yardstick of performance, sometimes proof that a game is winnable and sometimes the pride of seeing my assumed name up there on the Leader Board for awhile.

Thank you again for providing this site...


meka (aka Ann)


  • meka

    just wanted to say that you read my mind! i agree wholeheartedly.

    to the founders: love the site.

    -cleo :)
  • Hello meka,

    I´m pirx (---> Stanislaw Lem), and I am a "he") :)
    I have read Your massage, an I agree, totally.

    I do not play all games, but perhaps I can help You
    with some tips (for example "deal for it").

    If You like, write me (pm).

    To the owners of this site: Fantastic!

    BTW: is it possible, to see the "ace of diamonds"
    in MAC OS X10.4.11 ?

    pirx 1 wrote:
    BTW: is it possible, to see the "ace of diamonds"
    in MAC OS X10.4.11 ?

    It should be... Try holding down the shift key while clicking the reload button. Interesting though, I don't think I've ever seen that bug with Safari. Only with old Firefoxes.
    To the owners of this site: Fantastic!


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