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I love playing on your site....you have a nice variety of games. The only thing I don't like is the fact that no one will tell me what I am doing wrong with Hopeless. My score only shows up on random times and I can't figure out what I am doing on the rare occasions that it does record. I see that other peoples scores are being recorded. PLEASE tell me what I should be doing. :?:


  • I agree with you that no explanation is given. I think another problem is that the rules given are misleading. You do NOT score points for getting rid of the most squares. Th e highest points are gained from getting the largest number of same colour squares attached before deleting them. It also SEEMS that the score is higher if the linked squares are stretched across the board and high up, I.e. from top to bottom. And of course if you can manipulate your other colors into biggish blocks for when you delete your main colour, you will get larger scores from those extras. I am no expert though. I think my highest score is about 13000 and others seem to be getting 25,000 - but I think a few expert hints from these high-scoring players would be very welcome. Good luck! --Athene
    Your score goes up in hopeless when you remove blocks. The more blocks you remove at once, the higher your score goes up each time. Also, how many colors you are playing with factors in, too.

    In particular, the score increases by the number of blocks removed squared times the number of colors in the game.

    This hasn't turned out to be particularly balanced—4 color mode has a pretty good chance of big groups of blocks removed at once combined with a 4x color multiplier, and it dominates the high score tables.

    If I were to change something about the scoring it would be to even out the scores between the levels, and to give a bonus based on how many (or how few) blocks were left at the end. It's usually pretty hard to get all the blocks removed and it seems like that should give you a nice bonus, especially with more colors.


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