Please delete political names

I really, really do not want to see political commentary on this page. When a user gives himself a political name, it reduces my enjoyment.

Please delete the user "demssuck", or force them to change it to something less inflammatory and annoying.



    @farQ: I deleted your comment because it was needlessly rude. Please be polite here.

  • If you don't like some user names, Don't read them. Or is someone forcing you to read them?????


    @mack123, that's a bit of a simplistic answer. If they show up in the high score table people are obviously going to read them.

    Jim and I don't really have a policy on political names. We put in out banning/censoring system to help keep the site family friendly. On the one hand "demssuck" is obviously trying to be offensive, but on the other hand, it's so obvious that it lessens the impact quite a bit. I tend to view stuff like that more as pathetic than inflammatory.

  • Once or twice I've seen names that were offensive and it does take away from the enjoyment. Playing is a very zen experience and I was happy when I found this site.
    Good job Green Felt team.

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