by pure accident, I might have found the answer to my own post, how can you win a game in 20 sec?

hi fellas, I started playing greenfelt klondike 3t about 6 months ago at that time my default browser was chrome and I was so mesmerized by people winning in 20 sec that I started asking how can they do that? about a month ago I got a notice from google saying chrome will stop security upgrades for vista users so I stopped using chrome with the intention of uninstalling it later and switched rapidly to firefox to avoid security issues while playing klondike 3t in firefox I noticed surprisingly that the winning times on the leader board were around one minute and a half as average and never saw a winning time under a minute and then I thought maybe greenfelt took action after all the talking of these blazing times and got rid of all the loopholes, shortcuts etc that allowed those guys to post such blazing times then last week by accident I clicked chrome without knowingly and started playing klondike 3t and was so upset and discouraged to see those 20 sec back again and then I thought well those greenfelt measures only lasted for a couple of days what a bummer then later reading the news I noticed that I was using chrome and I said what the hell am I doing in chrome and then I switched to firefox and those 20 sec disappeared again to my delight now I know that those blazing times happen only when using chrome. My big guess is that people can access the leader board and change those numbers to 20 sec arbitrarily maybe chrome make it easier for them to do so unlike firefox, how they do it? still a mystery to me


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