Auto complete is messing this game up and allowing all of these short times - can we please remove?

Game: klondike

Game #: 782096868

Browser: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:36.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/36.0

See attached document - email me if you want to discuss further -
These short times are ridiculous and obviously caused by some type of but - No one can complete a deck in less than two minutes but hundreds are doing it all day long. Practice or not - it's not happening without multiple bugs.
Let's get rid of auto complete for a couple of days and see if this evens the playing field. Okay? Thanks



    Why do you think there are bugs in autocomplete? And by autocomplete do you mean the "Auto-finish" button, or our super-moves?

    FWIW, I played the game you linked to and passed in 3 minutes. I took a couple wrong turns and had to undo a lot. If I had made the right decisions up front I can easily see it taking under 1:30.


  • You can try to deny that the auto-complete or super move or whatever you want to call it definitely made a mistake and pulled a card from under the pile and inserted the top card into the middle of the chosen cards. If you don't want to fix a problem that's fine - but saying you could have solved the puzzle in 1:30 but taking 3 minutes is a genius way of ignoring all the complaints I see on this board.
    Have a great day - maybe you will find a programmer to fix your issues soon. Until then - I'll go somewhere that they care about customer service.


    I'm sorry if i came off as not believing you—I was honestly just trying to get more information about what appears to be happening in your game. Can you point to a game # in particular, or the type of move where the super moves mess up?

    …pulled a card from under the pile and inserted the top card into the middle of the chosen cards.

    Sorry, which pile did it pull from and what kind of move were you trying to make in the first place? Was it a single click (ie the card flies to where it is "supposed to go" on its own), or did you click and drag it to a specific destination?

    It's quite hard to fix something when you can't see the error yourself. If we can reproduce the error, it will get fixed.


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