How do people solve the game in less than 2 minutes? or less than 1 minute?

Game: klondike

Game #: 1579702910

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Please describe the problem in detail:Would you mind sharing the secret of these incredibly short solution times?


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    edited March 2015

    I've often wondered the same thing. Most puzzles take me at least three minutes, and that's using the "Auto-Finish" button. It doesn't seem possible for anyone to make 93 moves in 5 seconds, or less, without some sort of computer-assist program.

    I'm new to the forum, so I'll bet this has been addressed before? Re: Freecell Solitaire..

  • I suspect these people have worked out the input to the game code from looking at the source code.  They then work out new game configurations while they are not logged in.  Then when they get it worked out as best they can, they run those moves as input directly to the game code.  That could easily explain the ridiculous times. I think some of these people seriously need to get a life.  They seem to just want to ruin everything for everybody else.  They don't realize they make themselves look pretty pathetic.

  • Game: Calculation

    I regularly get under 2 min. with simple point and click. Lots of practice and, yes, a lot of wasted time. But I truly know nothing about code.

  • I would think a similar thing to decoding a car radio in a few seconds.

  • I would think a similar thing to decoding a car radio in a few seconds.

  • I am having lot of trouble understanding how people get scores of 80 in Free Cell.  Maybe I just don't understand the rules, but if every move counts a point, then the only way to get low scores is to move columns of cards.  That is rarely possible.
    Auto finish counts one move for every card it automatically finishes, not one move for starting the auto-finish.

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