Please ban all political comments.

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What would you like to see?


  • Hi @margnick, you have been around long enough to know how complicated that would be. First of all why would you want to ban positive comments, and by the way who would judge any comments to determine if they are really political? Could be complicated and very time consuming.
    The "Guys" have enough work on their hands working at their day jobs plus the enormous effort of taking care of family and Greenfelt. By the way "Guys", don't know if you have wives or children or girlfriends, but my thanks to them for having the patience to go along and supporting what you do.

  • David & Jim do try to obliterate "offensive" names or comments if they know about them. If there is something that you object to, send a private message to David or Jim and, if they agree that it is a problem, they will handle it.

  • I agree @kat14, they do take care of *offensive" names or comments...pretty quickly I might add. But @margnick is asking that all political comments be banned. For example, is mentioning the name Biden or Trump in a posting necessarily a political comment? Some GF members would think so but others may not.
    Are good actions, which are done to the benefit of all citizens, by either Trump or Biden a political act or comment... I personally would think yes it is ...but because it would benefit all citizens on all sides the case could be made that it is not. Not easy to judge in a lot of cases.

  • The reason why I'm against these type of requests is they would be very time consuming if the "Guys" started to feel obliged to act in this direction. After all...we are here to enjoy ourselves by playing these wonderful games produced by Jim and David.

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