where are you getting the game numbers on Hopeless. My screen shows no numbers

I seem only to get game numbers from the leader board when playing Hopeless. Am I doing something wrong?



    No, that's correct. The thinking was that Hopeless was more like Sirtet than Solitaire in that the starting point didn't impact a person's ability to get a decent score. Behind the scenes both Sirtet and Hopeless have a game number (as you can see sometimes on the high score tables) but we don't show them on the game screen. You can play a specific game by adding ?game=XXX to the website address (url) where XXX is some game number.

  • If you are using your computer / laptop / desktop, then it is along the line with the buttons for New Game, High Score, Rules, Pause, etc. It is at the far right end.

    I don't know where it is for phones / tablets.

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