Moves are being reversed

Again and again, I'll be happily playing, and then the game takes over, making moves I haven't chosen and reversing those I have already made. It's so frustrating!


  • Hi @Shoremom...been having the same problem recently. I wasn't paying attention to where I was tapping my mouse. Can understand your frustration...felt the same way 😊. Hope that helps.

  • This is the way the games are set up. If you click the background instead of a card, it will make all available moves for you. If you click a card that is down in the stack, and all those above it can be moved, they will be moved. That's how some people get such incredible times. On a Mac, if you accidently hit the "z", it will "undo". Just be careful where you place your cursor.

  • Thanks @kat14... I thought it was because of sloppy mouse taps but apparently not.

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