no one else playing

no one else seems to be playing - my score shows only with 2-3 other players -odd-


  • @macudono As there are a billion of every type of game on this site, and the site has only been around for 15 years or so, even though the hard core players try the best they can, the majority of the games still haven't been played by anyone. Unless you're playing a game of the day, or the first five or six of one type, you're going go get a game that hasn't been played by anyone, yet.

  • @Sage got me thinking... with so many games, I have started to just type in whatever random number to select my next game!

  • @SleepyJA That works! :)


    We try to combat the emptiness by making a smaller pool of random games that every plays. The list updates once an hour, so sometimes if you are playing right at the top of the hour you'll be the first person playing the new list and not see a bunch of people.

    Also try clicking the "show anonymous players" on the high score table. There's often a whole lot of those (most games played on the site are anonymous).

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