Starting to love @yukon and @alternation.

Starting a new routine thanks to the "guys" suggesting @yukon and @jezzbelle mentioning @alternation. Warm up with Freecell then Yukon followed by Alternation. Getting used to them is a bit of a challenge at the start but once you discover the possibilities and various moves they are relatively straight forward. Demanding at the same interesting...just luv em.


  • Yukon is my favorite -- enjoy!

  • howdy anglais, i hear u .. .. .. becuz of convo here i started playin yukon, now i alternate scorpion and yukon, fun stuff!

  • Hi @murphymouse and @tucsonsky, glad to know some people who also like this special game.

    Had a tough night with Yukon...won a few lost a lot but loved every minute. Saw your monicker Tucsonsky, you seem like a pretty good player.
    Murphymouse do you play anonymously? I usually do but when I saw Tucsonskys' name I signed in.

  • I'm always signed in. But apart from the game of the day, I only start a game if no one has won yet. Usually I also lose, but sometimes I can figure out a win. So I skip a lot of games.

  • anglais, im one of those intuitive players, my head is not shaped right for strategy and planning .. .. .. i grew up with card players, a phrase i heard often was "think long, think wrong" .. .. .. dare i say its also the way i live my life, yee haw!!!

  • Hey guys, nice to hear from you.

    Murphy, I used to do the same thing but with me I was too self conscious about my terrible scores...probably why I started and still play anomalously. Finally got over it though. If you want to feel as though you are playing all alone try Alternation. After the 5th or 6th game only your score will show...nobody seems to go further than that.

    Tucsonsky... I think we play the same way and I find it more enjoyable than playing by strategy. Of course, we will never finish Freecell in 5s but what the heck. Even though I don't use strategy I still have a certain admiration for someone who does. I can only imagine the time and effort it takes to at first be able to win but that is where their work really starts. They then have to find the path that uses the least number of moves then play as fast as they can. It must give a feeling of accomplishment or something. Really not for me.
    Like your phrase "think long, think wrong"...sounds like you are on an enjoyable road.

  • I haven't tried alteration, I should check it out. But it isn't so much about feeling self conscious-- I play for fewest moves, not quick times. It's more about wanting challenging games: if no one has won yet, it's probably either impossible or really tricky. :-)

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