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I just played a game for the fourth time. Is there some way that a person could find out if they have previously played a game before
going through the same game again? With over 1 million games, it seems that there should be some way to avoid replaying the same game over and over.


  • @rph552 The easiest way to tell if you've played a game before is to click on the High Scores button of that game. If you've played it before your score will be there. If you've played it click on the New Game button to get another game. If you've played that one, refresh your page and you should get games you haven't played before.

  • I put in this same feature request a year ago - Indication that you have previously played a specific game - and was parroted back the same lame suggestion.

    First of all, High Scores in general are stupid in solitaire; a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, a wise man once said, "Do or do not. There is no try." You either beat the game or it beats you. How fast you do it or in how many moves is irrelevant.

    (I will admit that the one and only time "close" mattered in solitaire was when I once saw a klondike solitaire game in one of the Atlantic City casinos many years ago. You bought the deck for $52. The dealer shuffled and dealt the tableau. You went through the stock one cards at a time, but only once, and you won $5 for every card you put on the foundations. Old ladies loved it, but I've never seen it again or anywhere since.)

    Second of all, once I open the High Scores, I am shown whether the game is winnable or not. (Well, I mainly play Forty Thieves and a lot of those players are utter rubbish and just click through the stock as quickly as possible. Probably to post the "High Score". So there are a lot of games that look unsolvable from the High Scores, but indeed it turns out, are rather simple.) I want to try for myself to beat the game regardless of what others might have done. I do not read the last chapter of a book first or look up the score of a football game before watching it on DVR. The journey, rather than the ending, is often the best part.

  • @NapalmKitten My game of choice is also 40 Thieves. If I see that no one has won the game that appears first, I go on to another game, assuming the 1st one is not winnable. If it has been won, I'll try to win. Being my father's daughter, the man who kept lists, I record the games that I've played that I can see are winnable and go back and try again. Some time succeeding and other times not. Sometimes I do wish that it was possible to see the way to win, although knowing that's not possible.
    And, for the record, I AM NOT rubbish! And sometimes I do jump to the end of a football game (usually one of my favorites) because I can't stand the suspense! OU Sooners and Hail To The #@#%^!

  • If you look before playing, see if my name is on the board. If I beat it, it's winnable. If I didn't, it's not. :D

    As you are not rubbish, I'm sure you know that very often in Forty Thieves, there is a key card or two that you need to play. If you have any questions about how to win any specific game, DM me.

    P.S. If you haven't watched it yet, OU's Gabriel threw a touchdown with 0:15 left in the game to beat Texas and win the Red River game. ;)

  • @NapalmKitten But they, OU lost to Okie Light in the last game of the Bedlam series

  • And what a sight for sore eyes that was!! OSU gave a right proper goodbye to OU. :)

  • Yeah, arrogance....

  • @rph552

    I find that the easiest way to get a new-to-me game is to first hit the refresh button, then hit New Game. (Then I usually click on High Scores to be sure I really haven't played it before, just in case.)

    I used to find myself cycling through many already-played games when I only used New Game, before I figured out the refresh-first method. I hope this works for you too.

  • @justhere Interesting to be discussing Big 12 football on Green Felt
    OU Sooners!

  • OSU Cowboys!! :)

  • justherejusthere REGISTERED
    edited November 18

    jezzbelle, I'm actually not a die hard football game watcher, but I am a true-blue Okie...so I'm proud of and root for both OSU and OU. And Tulsa when the occasion arises. 😍

    Yes, I agree...an interesting conversation on Green Felt. But, then again, it IS Green Felt and some pretty far out discussions tend to take place here. 🤪

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