some new puzzles please. hard to stay addicted to same old games.

Game: freecell
Game #: 1495448713

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  • new games please

  • @jamalily This happens to everyone who plays the same game continually for some time. Also...

    Repeating games happens to everyone, as you'll find by searching the forum. You can reach all the Games of the Day, by clicking on the links on the Leader Board. Also, for more games...

    If you refresh the page you should get new games and/or click the new game button a few times.

    Alternately, click on the yellow game number of any game. (To the right of Auto Finish.) You can enter any number from 1 to 999999999 then click Enter (on your keyboard) to play that game.

  • @jamalily Try other games besides Freecell. 40 Thieves, Flower Garden, Addiction, Alternation (Alternation!! Did I say that?) Wink, wink, nod, nod!

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