Super Moves

I dont understand super moves and when to use them. please explain in more


  • On any game page, click on "Show Rules", and there is a section about Super Moves.
    Maybe that will help you.

  • Yes, I saw this but still do not understand how to use the moves. Thanks for your response.

  • The supermove I use most is just clicking on the background rather than a card. That way, any cards than CAN move are moved with one click instead of several. Occasionally, that is NOT the best move, but usually it saves a few microseconds and moves. When you "undo", it returns all the cards that were moved by that one click. If you click on a card that is underneath other cards, it will automatically move those above it IF they can legally be moved, but on the games I play that doesn't seem particularly useful.

  • Thanks, I will give it a try.

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