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There is a user with the name "Trump must die". He needs to be removed and denied access. Users with any similar names should also be removed. The secret service should be notified in the event this is a deranged individual with illegal intent.



    We don't deny people access based on the names they've chosen, the worst we do is censor them. We're certainly not notifying the secret service of anything, lol. I'm not even sure this crosses the line for censorship frankly, though it skirts right up against it. If we censor this one we could also arguably censor all the "FJB" names, too.

    I really hate all the political names and have half a mind to just ban them all. But I think that's probably way too heavy handed. Jim and I try to have a real light touch.

  • I'm really sick of the political names as well. Is there some way to program in "Please choose another user name" when Biden or Trump get put in the name? I come here for a break from the real world and for fun, and these folks, whichever way they lean, throw a wrench in that, and often in an unfortunately rude way. But I do appreciate your commitment to the light touch.

  • PtownpapaPtownpapa REGISTERED
    edited September 20

    As long as social mores continue to deteriorate and beliefs are based on whatever makes you happy we will continue to live in the world of "Marching Morons".

    It's getting harder everyday to IGNORE because turning the other cheek just tells "THEM "
    they are right and OK and on the right side (define "them" "right" "OK" and "right side" at your leisure/as you want)

  • Without tipping my own political persuasion, I'll just note that it gives me a little thrill whenever I beat one of the players with a political name I disfavor. Gotta take your wins where you can.

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