Problem getting to forum

I posted this back in June and it did go away for a while, but for the last week or so it is back.

_ (Howdy, Stranger!
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This happens when I am signed in. I have to try two or three times before the page loads with me signed in. Green Felt guys rock.. thanks!


  • jayG - I mentioned basically this same thing Aug. 27th. about being difficult to sign in and I still have to do the '' howdy stranger '' and sign in register numerous times before it eventually will recognize me as signed in ..ben ..

  • I started to say that I was having the same issue right now and, while I was typing, the page signed me. So, perhaps that's the solution... start typing a complaint and it'll fix itself. :D

  • I tried that, and yes it did give me the sign-in page, I sign-in and it took me here.

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