This never happens

Found to my amazement that I had come out ahead of @DeusExMachina on . Wasn't concentrating particularly hard on this game, first time through.


  • That is quite the feat! Congrats.

  • This is a more normal outcome: and shows the power of a good example. I won that game in 2:00 and saw that @DeusExMachina had achieved 0:12 — which proved what was possible. I tried again with only supermoves in mind and hit 0:39. Thanks @Deus!

  • I’ll just note that I don’t always make the Top 10. When I play for a spell, I never intentionally skip a game (though I rarely hit New Game when I was aiming for Restart). So if I’m on the Board for games A and C but not B—and you make the Top 10 on B—then it’s a safe bet that you beat me! (For whatever little boost that gives you.)
    I’ll admit I still get a charge when I come out ahead of BonnieBonz or DDan or a few others who routinely post among the fastest times.
    What amuses me is when I land the top slot among the signed-in players and get a wee dose pride—until I show anonymous players only to find that I’m not even in the Top10 in that much larger pool! And of course there’s the time element. I’m sure if I were to check back at the end of the hour, I’d find that others had pushed me off the podium.

  • Yes, it very much depends on the population playing at this moment. I hit the top 10 frequently enough when the game has only been played 35 times or so; as the good players check in they push me inexorably off the board. // I'm with you about coming in ahead of our Bonz. Quite rare and a big ego-boo.

  • You are all amazing. I have to play the moment the new day starts just to see what it's like to actually be in the top 10 ever.

  • This is really funny. I was congratulating myself for coming in ahead of @DeusExMachina in this game — — 1:05 (#1) to 1:15 (#3). I looked again 10 or 15 minutes later and DEM had replayed for a time of... 7 seconds! if you visit that game and check scores, hit "Show a player's first score, not their fastest" to see the status quo ante.

  • Looks like @DeusExMachina started a trend; his 0:07 showing may have encouraged others to have a go. My 1:05 how ranks #9 or #10, depending on the "Show first" setting, and over 2,000 people have now taken a whack at it.

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