Hurricane Ian

Living in Florida is an experience. Along with the great weather and beaches you get these storms occasionally, last big one was in 2004, named Charley. Its been a while and now we had Ian, far worse than Charley, damage in the billions to the west coast of Florida. We lived on Sanibel access by a causeway and bridges, which were rebuilt in "04 after that storm. The damage this time is incredible you can see videos of damage on You Tube. Early estimates for repair are at least a year, which means we are homeless, looking to rent something for the duration of the reconstruction. We may not be able to get to the island, now under 24 hr curfew. National Guard and Sheriff now in process evacuating folks who chose to stay, Nutty, We've been through many storms and when they tell us to evacuate we do! Don't know extent of damage to our home, since we can't get to it, may not be livable. The city will evaluate every piece of property and release a report in the near future. We left with the clothes on our back with a few days of extra clothing. Evacuated with our son and grandson the daughter's condo in a nearby town, we will stay there until she evicts us. Wish us luck!


  • Smart of you to leave. When my son lived in New Orleans, he had friends who wanted to "ride out" Katrina. Some he never saw again. Rob was in his early 20s, but had much wisdom for his age. I'm glad you and your family are safe. Things can be replaced; people cannot. May God bless.

  • Good luck. Be resilient. As the good @ggmaterre wrote 'things can be replaced; people cannot.'

  • The very best of luck @dautilus So sorry to hear of your circumstances; consolations are small mercies but at least it’s good to know that you and your family are together and safe.
    Wishing you strength and recovery.

  • I got to visit Sanibel Island many years ago and still have wonderful memories. I can't imagine the devastation Ian has caused. It must be so so difficult to not even know if your home is completely destroyed or somewhat salvageable. I hope you have access to some aid that provides longer term support as the area is evaluated and the causeway is repaired. I'm glad you and your family are safe.

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