0 second Freecell Solution! That deserves a “Wow!”

Game: freecell
Game #: 4235147666

If there’s a Freecell Hall of Fame, you have secured your spot there, @timur. If you’re willing to share a screen capture video, I’d love to see how you did it.

Just so there’s no misunderstanding, this is not some passive-aggressive way of insinuating that this time involved cheating. Having booked a 2 second score on two games, I know that Super Moves make seemingly impossible times achievable. In this particular case, an ultra-fast solution has eluded me, but that doesn’t mean much.


  • Are there tipping points for times? Are they rounded up or down? I am also not criticizing, just curious.

  • Pretty sure it always rounds down. I have a vague recollection of testing that a while back (by recording several plays of the same uber-fast game and then checking the exact time-to-complete against the time reported by GreenFelt.)

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