Right Click shouldn't revert to previous game

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Using the mouse to right-click is a key component of playing a successful Freecell match. It allows the undo of a move or multiple moves.

However, if you undo back to the beginning of the game, then click undo again, you are taken away from the game altogether and back to the previous game. There, you are unable to go forward to the game you were on.

Basically, back moves should end at the beginning of the game.


  • You do not have to "right click" to undo a move on this site...just click "Z." Enjoy the games.

  • zudensternenzudensternen REGISTERED
    edited July 25

    As "Z" takes you back, "X" takes you forward. There is no hard stop at a game boundary. I can "Z" all the way back to the beginning of my current session (many games), and "X" forward again to the current point.

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