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It's indisputable that BonnieBonz is a goddess in the world of Green Felt Freecell. Many a time after you complete a game you will see her in the top 10, very often in the #1 position. I have occasionally seen players show up on the board under tribute names — see first comment below.

Bonz experiences the game of Freecell very differently than you or I do. I know this because I have spent some time surfing in her wake, and it is a heady experience indeed.

When I see Bonz in the top 10 it's usually because she has played the game I just finished, 12 minutes ago or 23 or 47. Why is she always so far ahead of me along the pseudo-random thread of games we all are inching along now? It's because she is zooming along that thread.

Her winning time is rarely above 1:10 and is frequently in the range of 25 to 35 seconds. Also, she apparently abandons games and moves on to the next after a few seconds if they look unwinnable at a first glance. I have reason to believe she never looks back on a game she has won or abandoned. The result is that she consumes 3 or 4 or 5 random numbered games along the thread in the time that we mere mortals take to play just one.

Bonz Surfing:

Very rarely I will see Bonz on the board only a minute or two ahead of me. When that happens I immediately request a new game and check High Scores to see if she has already played it. Repeat until her name does not show up. Usually there will be only one or two names on the board for this "futuristic" game, sometimes none at all. So I will be playing this game at the same time as the goddess is (assuming she has not knocked off for now).

I then play like a fiend attempting to get on the board before Bonz does. The goal is that she see my username, you see.

I just completed one such sprint, consuming perhaps 20 games and showing up ahead of Bonz (in time, not score) only once: . Mission accomplished. The goddess has seen my username. Now I can go on.

We each find our own rewards within the game.



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