staging the game sometimes there is no face cards and at other times there are no 10's .

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Please describe the problem in as much detail as possible:

When I am on a winning streak all of a sudden there are only a smidgen of face cards and at other times the 10's are scarce. O enjoy the game and when I call their attention then there is a rush to plant the missing cards. I can't believe they would mess with an 82 Marine veteran who is only playing memory games.


  • When I am playing solitaire there is an absence of face cards in pile plus at other times there are no 10's available. When I complain there is a rush to reinsert the missing cards thus they will throw two cards hindering my chance to see the initial card.

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
    edited June 28

    Thank you for your service.

    Some games cannot be won. This, if you look at the "High Scores", appears to be one of them. The highest score today is 12- a winning score is 52. It's called "the luck of the draw." The cards you need are there, but they are hidden and sometimes they stay hidden and you lose the game. So far, no one has won this game. Again, 12 is not close to 52. If you were playing with an actual deck of cards and you drew these cards, you would most likely lose this game. It has nothing to do with anything, but the way the cards landed in a RANDOM draw. Just click "new game" and hope for a better layout. There are billions of winnable games. Have fun finding them.

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